Saturday, June 7, 2014


 Kalpa is a  magical place in Kinnaur. You have to trvel to Rekong Peo, the district Head quarters, and continue along the same road. The road is quite good, and there are apple orchards on both sides of the road. The magnificent  Kinnar Kailash mountains with their snowy slopes are visible all along.
When we visited Kalpa, spring had set in, and the apple orchards were filled with  blossoms.Apple blossoms are much bigger than cherry blossoms, and beautiful. The apples of Kinnaur are sent to all parts of India in September. They are the most delicious of all Indian apples.
 Besides apple, Kalpa produces pine nuts called chigoza,and apricots. There are some beautiful walks you can take in Kalpa.  You can also go for the Mount Kinnar Kailash trek with a guide. It takes around 4 days.
Hotel Kinnar Kailash, run by the Himachal Tourism department is comfortable and friendly. There are wonderful views of the Kinnar Kailash peak from all the rooms.


  1. What a wonderful view from the balcony of the hotel! I have heard of Kinnaur apples but never had a chance to be there, your post inspires me. Beautiful pictures, wish I can be there some day.

  2. Majestic and beautiful!

  3. A wonderful landscape and really majestic.