Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nagabana- the Garden of Serpents

 All along the Western Ghats, there are Nagabanas, or reserved forest for snakes.The forest there is kept in pristine conditions.
 The Nagabana at Apsarakonda has a beautiful waterfall which makes a delightful pool.
 Apsaras, the beautiful heavenly maidens used to bathe here, according to the locals!
 There are some natural caves on the hill adjoining the falls, and a natural garden.
 When you come down the rough hewn steps, you are in a golden beach. And if you are lucky, you might catch sight of a snake as we did. This was a sea snake thrown ashore by the waves.
The Nagabanas which dot the hills of the Western Ghats are important for the ecology of the region since they conserve the endangered native flora. People treat the snakes with great respect there.
My thanks to Mrs.Nesbitt who started ABCWednesday, and Roger and his team.


  1. Amazing and beautiful blog ma'am as usual it took my breath away,
    congratulations to the proud owner of three blogs!

  2. I have never heard of a snake sanctuary before. It sounds like a good idea. I love your header photo.

  3. I would feel lucky if I came down to the beach and didn't see a snake. - Margy

  4. I'm ever so slightly...afraid. SERPENTS!


  5. How very interesting! The caves are very impressive and beautiful and your photos are brilliant!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  6. Beautiful place. Good to know about this.