Wednesday, April 15, 2015

N for Narmada

 The river Narmada in Central India flows westwards while most other rivers of India flow eastwards.Like all the rivers in India, the Narmada is also considered holy. It flows amidst marble rocks in Jabalpur. You can go on a row boat down the river and enjoy the scenery. If you hire a bot with a boatman, he will regale you with funny stories, all in verse.
The Dhuandhar Falls is a bweautiful spot near Jabalpur.
 Maheshwar, a small town on the Narmada, is famous for the fine  Maheshwari sarees made of silk. One can go boating here also.
 Maheshwar was the capital of the Holkar kings of Indore. Queen Ahalyabai in the 17th century brought about a lot of improvements in the kingdom. She is still revered by the people of Madhya Pradesh.
A memorial to the legendary queen is visited reverently by hundredsof people every day.
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  1. That's an amazing waterfall and it would be fun to have a boatman doing the work so I could enjoy the scenery.

  2. Beautiful post lotus leaf, I love learning about your country,
    It is full amazing scenery and incredible architecture.
    This is the blessing of ABCW, you get to see places as
    they really are and not as presented by the media to get a quick headline.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  3. Love the falls, especially.