Monday, August 17, 2015

Forts of the Deccan

In the history of India, forts have played a major role. The Mirjan fort was the bastion of the queen of Gersoppa, who traded spices with the Portuguese in the 16th century.
 Built of red sandstone, it is an impressive fort on the Arabian Sea.While the Mirjan fort was constantly under threat by the enemies and pirares, the Gandikota fort had a natural canyon  to guard it;
 The beautiful canyon made by the river Pennar discouraged the enemies from attacking it.
 The fort is built using red granite which is in abundance there. Unlike the Mirjan fort, Gandikota is a living fort with people living inside the fort .
 Wildflowers bloom in the barren land.
This building was a prison with dungeons in the 13th century.
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  1. What an impressive fort, and an imposing dungeon/prison.

  2. I was looking at your main page picture and wonder how much work it was to blast the road through the rock!


  3. THanks for the kind comment son my blog and also for posting about such beautiful plaes... places I never had heard of but are so wonderful. Fascinating posts!!!